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This Friday the 13th Video Game is The Perfect Thing to Make You Crap Yourself Alone on Halloween

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If you ‘re a horror nut like me, you ‘re always looking for something new to make you almost literally crap your pants each October, and there ‘s no better way than through a scary as shit video game. There ‘s been a wealth of great horror games in recent years, from games like Until Dawn or Alien: Isolation but this year, the game of choice has got to be Friday The 13th: The Game.

It ‘s not perfect, but this game puts you right into the scary as fuck world of Jason Voorhees, and gets me so terrified that my friends refuse to play with me. At least, I hope that ‘s why my friends won ‘t play with me. If any of my friends are reading this, please log on and play with me, or at least respond to my texts, Pierce.

Fans of the Friday the 13th film series will find lots to love, but the game works even if you ‘ve never seen Jason or Pamela Voorhees slash the shit out of some teenagers on-screen. Not only can you play in maps from the first five films in the franchise, but you can play as either the horny counselors, where you try your best to survive, escape, or evade Jason ‘s grasp, or Jason himself, where your goal becomes to kill every remaining counselor.

Counselors and Jason have different abilities and skillsets, but I honestly don ‘t know a lot about playing as Jason because I did once and I got way too scared and nervous at the fact that I was being asked to murder so many innocent people so I quit and turned on the lights. If you like to attack people with an axe, though, then you ‘ll be psyched when you spawn as Jason. It ‘s possible I ‘d be more willing to play as Jason if I were chatting with my buddies while I played the game. Maybe you should ask when I ‘m available to game sometimes, Pierce, and maybe you should have come see The Nun in theaters with me when I asked so nicely.

Every once in awhile, it can be difficult to find a match, and the game can occasionally be buggy, but it ‘s a really great, scary as hell time, and I recommend checking it out this Halloween season on Playstation, Windows, or Xbox One.

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P.S. For a less terrifying, much funnier Friday the 13th-related experience, take a listen to comedians and Jason Voorhes superfans Matt Gourley and Paul Rust ‘s new podcast In Voorhes We Trust With Gourley and Rust. Episodes frequently run over two hours, but I ‘ve never been bored.

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