By: Chris Rock

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Know Your Rights with Keegan-Michael Key and Chris Rock

There has been constant noise from every direction about the upcoming midterm elections being held this November 6th, leaving many people confused about voting in general.

But don ‘t worry, actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key is here to explain some of the rights voters have on election day. That is, assuming Chris Rock lets him finish a sentence.

As soon as he gets into the nuts and bolts of it, Chris Rock ‘s voice shatters time and space to make sure Keegan-Michael Key does it right. And that might take a few tries. But I think it ‘s safe to say we could all use Chris Rock screaming at us from time to time to keep us honest. And between the two of them, we end up getting everything we need to know to protect your right to vote, even in the face of voter suppression efforts.

Starring: Chris Rock & Keegan-Michael Key

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