By: Jordan Wold

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Why Fallout 76 Could Be The Game of the Year (If My Roommates are Willing to Split it With Me)

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is capturing most of the gaming hype zeitgeist right now, and the reviews are so far proving the hype correct, it ‘s important to remember that not everyone likes cowboys or horses or possible labor crunches, and those people deserve games, too. One AAA game a lot of folks are looking forward to is the new online-only entry into the Fallout franchise, Bethesda ‘s Fallout 76. The online MMO is not without controversy, but there ‘s enough exciting features about the upcoming game that it has many pumped into thinking it could be the game of the year. I ‘m also super hyped, especially if my roommates are willing to wise up and split the game with me.

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