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Arrested Ozark

When financial planner ‘Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) moves his wife and children to ‘a summer resort community in the Ozarks, the last thing he needs is a visit from his brother Buster (Tony Hale).

Dealing with the looming threat of his illegal side business as a money launderer being exposed, Marty ‘s world comes undone when his mother (Jessica Walter) forces his recently disabled brother into his care. But will this maladjusted man with a hook for a hand be the final nail in the coffin ‘for Marty ‘s dangerous lifestyle? Who should he fear more, the Mexican cartels that want his head, or his brother who ‘s just looking for someone to love?

Series Details:
Title: Arrested Ozark
Starring: Jason Bateman (Acting Level: Growly), ‘Tony Hale (Acting Level: Standard), Jessica Walter (Acting Level: Martini), ‘Laura Linney (Acting Level: Not Having It)
Rating: TV-MA (Contains; Buster Speak, Sex & Nudity, Frightening & Intense Scenes Involving A Man With A Hook For A Hand)
Review: 4.5/5 Frozen Bananas
Release Date: Early 2019 (in our dreams)

You can watch both Arrested Development and Ozark on Netflix right now and think on what could have been.

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Tom Clancy’s Jim Ryan

Writer/Editor: ‘Charles Muzard
Writer/Editor: ‘Ryan Coopersmith
Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

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