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The 13 Best Memes About Voting in 2016 vs. Voting in 2018

1. We ‘ve all had to get a bit more intense.

It ‘s inconceivable not to be voting today.

2. What is time, even?

I ‘m pretty sure last week took like, four months.

3. The claws are coming out.

The world has gone barking mad.

4. And the Jaws.

Left shark votes left. ‘

5. A Star Is An Active Participant In Their Democracy.

We just wanted to take another look at your voting sticker.

6. Never vote after midnight.

Because the polls are probably already closed. Make a plan to vote today!

7. We ‘re all a bit frazzled.

You know Gritty ‘s a registered voter.

8. Mad Max: Fury Vote.

Witness me voting.

9. Remember the stakes.

Blessed be the voters.

10. The (Vote Them Out Of) Office.

The best prank Jim Halpert ever played? Being a responsible citizen.

11. In every generation, there is a chosen one. ‘

She alone will stand against the apathy, the voter suppression, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. (Just kidding, she ‘s not alone, because we ‘re all working together to better our democracy!)

12. Our bodies are ready (to no longer be this stressed). ‘

This one might be a bit too real.

13. Maybe nothing has really changed at all.


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