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SmartCorrect: The Autocorrect Informercial

Have your texts gotten you into trouble? This autocorrect service from the team over at Wishful Genies will help you always say the right thing, even if you really, REALLY, don ‘t feel like doing it at the time.

Rob – Rob Michaels
Haley – Haley Midgette
Fady Richardson – Fady Ghali
Office Employee – Melissa Gerskup
Victor – Hidetaka Ishii
Old Woman Crossing Street – Grandma Ghali
Jackson – Jackson Rowe
Nicholas – Nicholas Curry
Other Man – Pedro Malvar
Pervert – Chris Heijdens
Girl from Bar – Dalia Vainer
Carley – Carley Thorne
Julia – Julia Haist

Written by:
Rob Michaels

Directed by:
Rob Michaels

Edited by:
Fady Ghali & Rob Michaels

Music composed by:
Joseph Reitz

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