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Comedians React To Trump ‘s Bizarre Post-Election Press Conference

Just when you thought Trump ‘s press conferences couldn't get any more bizarre, you come to find out they actually..ugh..can. The man is an endless well that never stops producing Sulphuric water that smells like rotten eggs.

Following the most talked about midterm elections this country has ever witnessed, which lead to the Democratic takeover of the House Of Representatives and highest number of women being elected to the U.S. Congress, a freshly spray-tanned President Trump gave a press conference so cringeworthy, it made our eyeballs roll so far into the back of our heads, it left us all looking like Bran Stark from Game Of Thrones when he was having those weird visions.

HBO/ Game Of Thrones

Some of the most pathetic moments of this press conference were when he called an African American journalist “racist ‘ for asking him whether he thought his rhetoric was emboldening white nationalists across the country, to him…get this…accosting Jim Acosta , to saying he didn ‘t know who Lil Jon was even though he had appeared on The Apprentice.

Writers and comedians quickly flooded Twitter with hilarious commentary on the press conference, so we rounded up some of the funniest reactions:

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