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Fashion Tips We Should All Take From A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has been killing the hip-hop game for years, but when he stepped out on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala, the rapper proved to everyone that he really is a Fashion Killa.

And honestly, I don ‘t know if you ‘re ready for it. Don ‘t worry, I ‘ll give you a minute to settle in before I drop this next level couture bomb on you. So ‘ how about that weather we ‘re having? No, not that weather. The climate I ‘m talking about is the political climate, and you don ‘t have to be a meteorologist to know how just how fucking insane it ‘s been. In 2016 a colossal system of hot air swept the nation with its tiny, tiny hands. Stormy Daniels acid-rained some of the most cursed information down on all of us that will be seared into our brains forever. We are all Dorothy and Toto, stuck inside a giant shit storm, watching as cows and witches and other things besides Ann Coulter fly by the window.

The Wizard of Oz/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
“I ‘ll get you, my pretty! And your little minorities too! ‘ You can totally imagine it, right?

However, in light of the midterm elections there ‘s a sense that maybe, just maybe, the winds will shift, and good things are on the horizon. In the meantime, allow me to show you one good – nay – GREAT thing that no one knew we needed, but we absolutely needed.

Behold, the wonder that is A$AP Rocky ‘s headscarf and sunglasses combination. Let ‘s unwrap this one gloriously silken layer at a time.

A$AP Rocky ‘s headscarf dead killed it fam lit af am I right kids fellow kids

Channelling the babushka that I ‘m now convinced exists inside all of us, A$AP is serving up a look (which I think can be best described as Geriatric Gucci) that says, “I feel like I ‘m 100, and kid, I have seen some shit. ‘ Which shouldn ‘t be as relatable of a sentiment as it is, but here we are.

You ‘d think that a silk Gucci scarf worn like a character straight out of a goddamn Ukrainian folktale would be a powerful enough fashion statement on its own, that daring to combine it with anything else would be reckless, borderline dangerous – and you ‘d be right, any sensible person would have stopped there. But A$AP Rocky reminds us that in the face of all this insanity, sensibility is not enough. We need boldness. We need bravery.

BOOM. Giant. Fucking. Sunglasses.

They definitely have extra UV protection ~ to block out the haters ~

Whether they ‘re on a hungover college student rolling up to a 9am class, or a suburban mom at brunch searching for the bottom of bottomless mimosas, massive shades worn indoors have always been the trademark of people who don ‘t give a fuck, and A$AP Rocky ‘s are no exception. But more than that, they ‘re the mark of someone who shows up and pulls through even when it ‘s not easy. They ‘re a symbol of perseverance, so in a way, perhaps they ‘re the mark of people who actually give the MOST fucks.

These truly are the fashion must-haves for the remainder of political hurricane season.

A$AP Rocky ‘s silk grandma-chic scarf reminds us that although it ‘s only been two years, we all feel like we ‘ve aged about 30, and are tied together by how much we ‘re all just so fucking over this shit. Solidarity, my fellow babushkas. His unapologetically huge sunglasses encourage us keep on keeping on, even though this has essentially felt like societal alcohol poisoning and the mother of all hangover headaches. And with both, we ‘ll be able to take on whatever the forecast may bring.

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