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Spiderman Has Herpes

Before Tom Holland was Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam Raimi ‘s 2002 classic won our hearts with the dorky romance between Tobey Maguire ‘s Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst ‘s Mary Jane Watson. The most iconic moment of which was the famous upside down kiss in the rain, where MJ peels back Spidey ‘s mask to plant said kiss.

But what would have happened if behind that mask, was a big ugly cold sore? Would the smitten girl remain enamored with her web slinging hero? Would love prevail?

No. Probably not.

Comedian Brendan McCay brings this scenario to life in a sketch that proves being a superhero doesn ‘t mean you ‘re immune from STD worries.

Brendan McCay @bdanmccay INSTAGRAM
Ali Pickard @alidancepants INSTAGRAM
Allen Myers @nomadsight INSTAGRAM

DP: Ev Duran @hevyonfilm INSTAGRAM

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