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If Mrs. Doubtfire Was The New Mary Poppins

The mysterious Mary Doubtfire (Robin Williams) returns to San Francisco to visit the children she long ago cared for with her unique nannying techniques. Now grown adults, Jane and her brother Michael (who is now a father of three) rediscover the confusion of their childhoods as Michael ‘s children are forced to deal with a Scottish nanny who ‘s about as feminine as pro wrestler “Macho Man ‘ Randy Savage.

Film Details:
Title: Mary Doubtfire
Starring: Robin Williams (Acting Level: Scottish-Manly), ‘Ben Whishaw (Acting Level: Chimney Sweep), Emily Mortimer (Acting Level: Lost British Tourist)
Rating: PG-13 (Contains; Bad Accents, Dirty Children, and Intense Levels of Cultural Appropriation)
Review: 3/5 Flying Umbrellas
Release Date: December 2022 (Pending cloning of Robin Williams, may he R.I.P.)

You can watch the REAL trailer for “Mary Poppins Returns ‘ here and “Mrs. Doubtfire ‘ is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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Arrested Ozark

Writer/Editor: ‘Charles Muzard
Writer/Editor: ‘Ryan Coopersmith
Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

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