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There ‘s A Stuffed Animal Called ‘Trumpy Bear ‘ And The Commercial Will Have You In Tears

Trumpy Bear is a $50 stuffed animal that ‘s half Trump, half bear. It comes equipped with a secret zipper on its back, from which you can pull out an American flag that doubles up as a blanket (because there ‘s nothing more patriotic than wrapping an American flag around your nude body while you watch the Maury Povich Show). It also has a long red tie and a dry patch of blond hair that looks like pubes.

If you were watching Fox And Friends this morning, you may have caught the mind-blowing commercial for this product. It initially aired a year ago, but seems to have resurfaced this morning.

The commercial features hyper patriotic Americans cuddling up to the bear, riding a motorcycle as it sits on the handles and awkwardly hanging off a flag pole. It ‘s hard to watch the commercial and not see it as a joke, almost as if whoever created it simply set out to troll Trump ‘s devout followers.

Here is the commercial:

Soon after, comedians took to Twitter to give their best takes on this bizarre product. Here are some of our favorite reactions:

Trumpy Bears are made in China

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