By: Dillon Francis

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The Wrap Up Show

The Like and Subscribe Wrap up Show hosted by Keebin Tootsie. Months later after the success of the show, the group finally gets to tell their side of the story in this wrap up style episode. We find out that Dronez and Caroline are engaged, learn about Cody Clarks manhood, and that the hit film Stolen Base has somehow brought this group together once again. We also see a nice video conference from a familiar face, via prison.


Directed by: The DADs
Executive Producer: Dillon Francis

Creator/Executive Producer: Jack Wagner
Writer/Executive Producer: Brandon Dermer
Executive Producer: Doug Banker
Executive Producer: Kevin Kusatsu
Executive Producer: Alysia Russo
Executive Producer: Ivana Kirkbride
Co-Executive Producer: Matthew Vaughan

Writer: Parker Seaman
Writer: Evan Scott


Sky Goldwynne: Dillon Francis
Molly: Courtney Pauroso
Dronez: Jacob Womack
Hi Haylee: Madeline Whitby
Lil Dose: Lou Wilson
Cody Clark: Brandon Wardell
Jeremy: Jack Wagner
Intern: Sarah Isaacson
Real Estate Agent / Talk Show Host / Vine Director: John Milhiser
Directing Partner: Patrick Carney
Caroline: Bree Essrig
Zack Jake: Cory Walls
New Director: Parker Seaman
Cody ‘s Mom: Susan Deming
Sound Guy: Evan Scott
Complex Reporter: John Milstein
News Reporter: Corey Landis
Buzz Reporter: Nina Tarr
Music Reporter: Monica Joy Sherer
Female News Reporter: Jackie Johnson

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