By: Dillon Francis

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Guelegetza – “GOO-LA-GET-ZAH ‘

Skyy (Dillon Francis) brings in a new sponsor for the show, “Guelegetza ‘. A black drink that supposedly makes you feel healthier and look better. The gang is challenged to make a branded jingle for the health drink and the first one who does wins a special prize at the end of the day. The group splits up and makes their own jingle, but the drink seems to be having a negative effect on everyone ‘ Except for Dose.


Directed by: The DADs
Executive Producer: Dillon Francis

Creator/Executive Producer: Jack Wagner
Writer/Executive Producer: Brandon Dermer
Executive Producer: Doug Banker
Executive Producer: Kevin Kusatsu
Executive Producer: Alysia Russo
Executive Producer: Ivana Kirkbride
Co-Executive Producer: Matthew Vaughan

Writer: Parker Seaman
Writer: Evan Scott


Sky Goldwynne: Dillon Francis
Molly: Courtney Pauroso
Dronez: Jacob Womack
Hi Haylee: Madeline Whitby
Lil Dose: Lou Wilson
Cody Clark: Brandon Wardell
Jeremy: Jack Wagner
Intern: Sarah Isaacson
Real Estate Agent / Talk Show Host / Vine Director: John Milhiser
Directing Partner: Patrick Carney
Caroline: Bree Essrig
Zack Jake: Cory Walls
New Director: Parker Seaman
Cody ‘s Mom: Susan Deming
Sound Guy: Evan Scott
Complex Reporter: John Milstein
News Reporter: Corey Landis
Buzz Reporter: Nina Tarr
Music Reporter: Monica Joy Sherer
Female News Reporter: Jackie Johnson

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