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Saving American Beer In Colorado with Jo Firestone

The New American Road Trip ‘s electric car trek across America continues to a state best known for mountain air, retirees, and Legal weed. We are of course talking about the great state of Colorado.

This week comedian Jo Firestone is in the driver ‘s seat, taking a comedy pit stop at a place where no comic is ever a stranger, a brewery. Jo chats with Dan and Virginia, a couple who care an awful lot about the future of beer and why we should all be worried about one of the world ‘s most consumed liquids. Who knew Climate Change could affect the beer we drink?

Don ‘t miss our comedy pit stop next week!

Also if you want to learn a little more about what actually causes Climate Change, join comedian Oscar Nu ‘ez for a quick climate change fact below. This week ‘s fact discusses the impact humans have on the environment and how the fuel we burn and the farming we do all leads to a bad ski season and some really confused polar bears.

How Are Humans Causing Climate Change [with Oscar Nunez]

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