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Super Intense Office Scene

We all know that making movies can involve a little bit of CGI and special effects, but sometimes we take for granted just how much work goes into something as simple as a dramatic office scene.

In the above short, the team from Fun Uncle show how a scene about two men dealing with the potential collapse of their business, and quite possibly their friendship, is executed using the very latest Hollywood techniques.

Rogers – Adam Fawns
Mitchell – Jonathan Shaboo
Director – Jackson Rowe
Boom Operator – Jakob Skrzypa
Chair – Miles Verweel
Laptop – Mike Mildon
Tension – Gabe Meacher
Sexual Tension – Luke Mitchell

Written and Directed by Mike Mildon and Luke Mitchell
Special Thanks to Jackson Rowe, Noah Jackson, Jon Rende
Music Used (all copyright free)
Ross Bugden – Reverie
Alex Lisi – Incoming
Pierce Hacquard – 70 ‘s porno music

Interested in how the boys at Fun Uncle and Trophy Husbands pulled off this amazing video? Watch the behind the scenes of this behind the scenes short to see how the magic is REALLY made.

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