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14 Gifts For The Person Who Doesn ‘t Have Enough Tom Hanks Stuff

Need some gift ideas for the person who has everything? Well you ‘ve come to the right place, because you know what nobody has? A shit ton of Tom Hanks paraphernalia. This holiday season, don ‘t give something useless or boring. Give the gift that everyone needs.

Give Hanks

1. A cardboard Tom, conveniently in two size options

2. Hanksy, for your anarchistic artsy friends

3. Our savior

4. T.Hanks but ‘.

5. …No T.Hanks

6. This mug for your friend who likes surprises and also Tom Hanks

7. This drivers license which will not fool anyone

8. Signed and authenticated Wilson ball for the extravagant Hanks fan

9. This conversation piece

10. Pocket Hanks, for your on the go Hanks needs

11. This flask, for your mysterious detective-type friend who drinks in public

12. What time is it? It ‘s Hanks o ‘clock babyyyyyyy!

13. Stories written and narrated by Tom Hanks for the nights when you ‘ve lied awake and wished Academy Award-winning actor and author Tom Hanks could read you to sleep

14. This action figure for the person who loves Tom Hanks and also the Simpsons but mostly Tom Hanks

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