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Watching “THE OMEN ‘ With Your Child ‘s Pediatrician

Movies about possessed children are not exactly hard to find in the horror genre, but have you ever stopped to consider what your child ‘s doctor would notice about these demon spawn? The host of ‘The Next Door Horror ‘ webseries, Demonic Dan, may finally have a legitimate and relevant guest for their show, but is once again forced to accept that his co-host has a knack for finding people who really shouldn ‘t be getting air time.

Join Demonic Dan, Gabe, and their guest (his child ‘s “Pediatrician”) as they watch the 1976 horror classic ‘The Omen ‘ and make sure you stay until after the credits!


Dan Burt (@dannyburt33)
Gabe Sanchez (@iamgabesanchez)

Welcome horror fans to The Next Door Horror! Demonic Dan and Gabe host mystery guests to watch and discuss your favorite horror films and play fun games! Make sure to tune in every Friday for new episodes of this terrifying creature feature on HPPP.

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