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Conan O ‘Brien Launched His New Podcast By Becoming Friends With Will Ferrell

After 25 years on television, Conan O ‘Brien was devastated when he realized his only friends are people who work for him. Sure, he ‘s chatted with tons of celebrities on his show, but none sealed the deal and secured a friendship with the floppy-haired host. So he took it upon himself to embark on a journey, via podcast, to find a friend.

On his new Earwolf/Team Coco podcast, Conan O ‘Brien Needs A Friend, the late night host teams up with his longtime assistant Sona Movsesian and improvisor/producer Matt Gourley to chat with celebrities who have talked extensively to Conan on the show, but less so in real life. And he snagged a pretty great first guest in Will Ferrell.

That looks like a strong and lasting friendship to me!

Over the course of their 40 minute chat, O ‘Brien and Ferrell laugh like old pals about Will ‘s recent charity gig at the Greek Theater, jokes that go on way too long, and classic Late Night bits like Ferrell heckling himself from the audience.

The hunt for friendship continues in future episodes with guests like Kristen Bell, Bill Burr, Dax Shepard, Wanda Sykes, and Marc Maron. And if you have any burning questions for Conan, you ‘re in luck, because he ends the show with a listener Q&A. You can call their voicemail at (323) 451-2821 and if you ‘re famous, maybe end your message with an offer to hang out with Conan, just in case this podcast thing doesn ‘t work out.

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