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11 Gifts To Make Any Simpsons Fan Say “Woohoo! ‘

We all love The Simpsons, but some of us REALLY love The Simpsons. To a scary degree. Whether it ‘s by quoting lines from the show in everyday conversation or pulling up their pant leg to reveal a tattoo of Lisa breaking Ralph Wiggum ‘s heart, these people really like showing off their diehard fandom. This holiday season, get them something they won ‘t toss into a fire, like Homer ‘s useless high school diploma, and get them a gift they ‘ll cherish, like the Academy Award Homer stole from Don Ameche.

Hopefully a couple of the things in this book will take the reader away from their DVR-ed Simpsons reruns. But not for too long.

A true Simpsons fan makes sure everyone they live with is also a Simpsons fan, and that includes animals. ‘

This shirt allows the Simpsons fan in your life to carry their favorite characters with them wherever they go, without lugging around their entire action figure collection.

We don ‘t want to wade into the reasons why this obscure reference is funny, but trust us, a true Simpsons fan will think it ‘s funny too.

Unfortunately, we can ‘t live in Springfield, but getting to construct your own town in your house might be the next best thing.

If the Simpsons fan in your life has already devoured hundreds of hours of DVD commentaries but still craves more behind the scenes anecdotes, they ‘ll enjoy this dispatch from the writers room by longtime Executive Producer Mike Reiss.

What better way to get into the head of your favorite character than to literally slide your foot into his soft and comfy skull?

This wig is a great way for a Simpsons fan to get a head start on their Halloween costume (or spice things up in the bedroom).

Now every Simpsons fan can carry an obscure character with them wherever they go, and explain their funniest quotes to everyone they meet.

Unlike some other socks we ‘ve highlighted, this pair showcases a Japanese laundry detergent mascot who drives doppelgangers mad with confusion.

If the socks and t-shirts and keychains don ‘t tip people off, these pins referencing some of the show ‘s best jokes will drive it home that you appreciate the show on a much deeper level than they could ever hope to.

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