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Wild Wild Colony

From the creators of one of Netflix ‘s most watched documentary series, “Wild Wild Country, ‘ comes yet another in depth look at the one of the world ‘s most hotly debated cults.

A group of religious zealots who established their own community in America, the conflict that ensued with the local residents has become legend. But what is the real story of the Pilgrims?

A parody of the hit Netflix series “Wild Wild Country ‘ by Nihar Patel.

CAST: (in order of appearance)
Native American Man….. Herbie Monzon
Pilgrim Man….. Blake Walker
Pilgrim Woman….. Victoria Tate
Man on the Trail….. Kevin Ocampo
Constance….. Rachel Avery
Pilgrims….. Bram Barouh, Lesley Howes, Andy Novak, Mike Plewa

Directed by….. Nihar Patel and Michael Feld
Written by….. Nihar Patel
Edited by….. Michael Vaingauz
Produced by….. Andy Novak, Apul Patel, Nihar Patel, Mike Plewa ‘
DP….. Will Lamborn

Micah Baskir, Glenn Clements, Josh Covitt, Tonya Dreher, Kathy Egan, Jen Fenton, Geeta Malik

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