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A More Realistic 2018 Thanksgiving Day Parade

Another year means another Thanksgiving and what says Thanksgiving more than a parade? Some might say turkey, football, or the constant reminder that you don ‘t like your family, but no those people would all be wrong. The Thanksgiving Day parade is an institution in American culture and the most popular one hosted by Macy ‘s in New York is well known world wide for its array of balloons and floats.

But isn ‘t it time we move away from the cutesy cartoon characters and sponsored nonsense? Isn ‘t it time we had a more honest parade for the year 2018?

The team from Captain Hippo have made a tradition of hosting their very own Thanksgiving Day parade, each year showcasing the balloons and characters America loves and truly deserves.

If you enjoyed the parade and want to see more of their events from past years, you can watch all of Captain Hippo ‘s Thanksgiving Day parades below

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