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Holiday Gifts For Your Friend Who Thinks Their Bacon Obsession Is A Unique Personality Trait

Can ‘t we all just agree that we all love bacon? Loving bacon is the default. And loving Kevin Bacon goes without saying. At this point if someone was like “people who really know me know that I ‘m not really a fan of bacon, ‘ I ‘d be like wow, this is a unique and fascinating human. Instead, we must proclaim our love of bacon as if it defines us. But I suppose that ‘s just the power of bacon. And when our friends ‘ obsession with bacon goes off the deep end, we can ‘t help but allow it.

While you can ‘t give them a deeper, more nuanced personality for the holidays, you can feed into their love of bacon and give them the one thing they want most: anything that has something to do with bacon, directly or indirectly.

Here ‘s a ton of bacon stuff to choose from!

Personal Care

Someone with a bacon obsession needs to be able to wear it on their sleeve and apply their obsession AT. ALL. TIMES. Here some important supplies.


Sure, eating bacon is great, but like, what do you do while you ‘re eating it? Read about bacon.

Bacon Prep

Is your friend properly prepared to make bacon good enough to back up how obnoxious they are about how much they love bacon?

Bacon flavored food that isn ‘t bacon

Well if they love bacon so much, they ‘ll surely love making everything else they eat taste like bacon, right?

Bacon flavored food that is basically just bacon

Let ‘s get real. If bacon is the thing they love, just get them bacon! We can all agree, bacon is great! Let ‘s eat bacon. Bacon.


Don ‘t allow your friend to go through life doing anything that doesn ‘t involve bacon ever again. Fun bonus: constantly doing bacon things will be great ways to trigger them bringing up how much they love bacon in conversation!

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