By: Sloane Hughes

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Extremely Funny and Extremely Online: Viking

Last week I was lucky enough to chat with Sarah Schauer, and diving back into the world of digital laughs and those who make them happen, this next creator has grown his online presence exponentially over the last year through his incredible knack for joke writing on Twitter. And on a personal note, he was the first account in the Joke Twitter community that I got to know, and played a huge role in my early development in online comedy.

Not only is he ridiculously funny and a talented writer, but he ‘s also just one of the best people you ‘ll find – online or otherwise. Everyone,

meet Viking.

Although he ‘s had an account since 2013, the 21 year old from Arizona began to dominate the world of Joke Twitter a little over a year ago when he decided to go from being a passive Twitter user to an active member of the online comedy community. That ‘s all the time it took for Viking to grow a follower count 140.7k strong, and as impressive as that is, he ‘s never anything but unassuming about it.

“[I] definitely [started this for] shits and giggles. I ‘d been on twitter for a while and loved the comedians and writers I followed and then one day my friend Zak called me up and said ‘hey, we should start writing real jokes on twitter ‘ and the rest is history. ‘

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