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The Ultimate Comedy Workout Motivation Montage

Need to get motivated for a workout, but nothing can motivate you to hit the gym? There have been many training montages and pump up videos on the internet, but can famous sports and action stars really be more motivating than comedians?

Get ready to get PUMPED UP and burn off that winter weight with a little inspiration from the greatest comedians who ever tried physical activity and lived to tell the tale!

The Key To A Good Pump Up Recipe:
Step 1: Start with some fiery and egotistical Ben Stiller.
Step 2: Add a substantial amount of Old School Will Ferrell.
Step 3: Don ‘t skimp on pure unadulterated Terry Crews.
Step 4: Stir.
Step 5: Mix in some Danny McBride and Adam Sandler to give it some charm.
Step 6: Add a dash of MacGruber to taste.

The end result will leave you with the motivation you require to get off your fat ass and work towards those “gains ‘ your roided out cousin Terry is always yapping on about.

Suggested References: Anchorman, Dodgeball, Blades of Glory, Eastbound & Down, Old School, Silver Linings Playbook, MacGruber, Run Fatboy Run, The Foot Fist Way, Happy Gilmore, Semi-Pro, and The Waterboy.

If you enjoyed our little tribute to great comedy workouts, maybe you would enjoy watching about the life of a humble paper salesman thrust into the hunt for a man who was probably the Scranton Strangler. Don ‘t miss ‘Tom Clancy ‘s Jim Ryan, ‘ a mashup of the hit new Amazon series Jack Ryan and the iconic comedy The Office.

Tom Clancy’s Jim Ryan

Writer/Editor: ‘Charles Muzard
Writer/Editor: ‘Ryan Coopersmith
Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

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