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Remember Clark and Michael? We Do

Clark Duke and Michael Cera have been fan favorites in the quirky, offbeat comedy scene for decades. Their ability to stay in character through the most uncomfortably hilarious of moments and use their peculiarities to garner laughs put them way ahead of most other comedy actors in their generation. They ‘ve each graced the small screen, notably as George Michael Bluth (Cera) in Fox ‘s (and later, Netflix ‘s) Arrested Development and Clark Green (Duke) in the later seasons of NBC ‘s The Office, and have been in blockbuster hits such as Juno and Hot Tub Time Machine.

Although those are the roles the pair are most recognized for in the mainstream, in 2006 Clark and Michael wrote, directed, and starred in their own web series that was called just that: Clark and Michael.

The entire one season, 10 episode long series aired on CBS after Arrested Development ‘s first three seasons and prior to Duke ‘s role in The Office, and unfortunately it flew under the radar.

So we ‘re here to help rectify that.

Courtesy of Clark and Michael/CBS

The self-titled series follow aspiring producers Michael and Clark as they try to sell their pitch for a big-time television series to various networks. It ‘s extremely low-budget, filmed on handheld cameras by friends of Duke and Cera and each episode is only about 10 minutes in length, and that ‘s part of what makes it so surprisingly good. It doesn ‘t look like much, but it delivers big laughs all the way through and features an impressive list of guest stars, such as Tony Hale, Patton Oswalt, and Jonah Hill.

The best part about Clark and Michael? It ‘s free to watch.

Each episode is available to stream on YouTube courtesy of CBS, and it ‘s definitely worth it. Here, don ‘t just take our word for it, see for yourself:

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