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Soon Your Kids Will Be Able To Watch Deadpool 2

Of all the characters in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool is without a doubt the least family-friendly. Colloquially known as “the Merc with a Mouth ‘, his extremely crass behavior and foul language are part of what separates him from the rest of the heroes, so a Deadpool movie that ‘s safe for the kids and grandma ‘s sensibilities is the last thing anyone would expect to hit the theaters. Surprisingly, though, that ‘s exactly what ‘s coming our way.

Get ready for Once Upon A Deadpool

Set for release on December 12, 20th Century Fox has turned the cuss and gore filled story of Deadpool 2 into a tame, PG-13 retelling. Which is good news for families, now everyone can enjoy all the action!

And even if you ‘ve already seen the original Deadpool films, this Princess Bride-esque take on Deadpool 2 has something to offer its adult audiences as well. In this promotional clip featuring Julian Dennison, the young actor who plays Firefist in the second film, we learn that this is more than just a toned down retelling of a familiar story. There ‘s also going to be 20 minutes of new footage.

All in all, it sounds like a good reason to visit the movie theater this holiday season.

While we wait for December 12 to roll around, here are some of our favorite moments featuring the man behind Marvel ‘s Canadian anti-hero

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