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Friends Remains On Netflix, Armageddon Avoided

Netflix announced that come January 1, the hit 90 ‘s sitcom Friends will no longer be featured as a part of their streaming services. Friends ran from 1994 to 2004 for a whopping 10 seasons, and the announcement from Netflix was taken ‘ noooot super well. Truthfully, it was chaos. The internet figuratively flipped a bunch of cars over and set fire to them in protest. So then a mere few hours later, they came back and basically said, “haha just kidding guys! Friends isn ‘t going anywhere! ‘ It ‘s been a whirlwind of a day for fans of the series, and honestly, I have just one thing to say about this whole deal.

Chilllllllll oooout. ‘

Look, I get it. People love this series. It ‘s become part of western culture and it epitomized the 90 ‘s.

But hear me out here ‘ why not try ‘


For the love of god

Friends was on air for A DECADE and is one of the most frequently rerun shows EVER, and in the time that it ‘s been on Netflix how many times did you binge the entire thing start to finish? If you can say “more than one ‘ that roughly translates to ENOUGH TIMES. ‘

Please. I ‘m begging you. Grow as a person. Expand your interests. Bravely march forth out of 90 ‘s. ‘

It ‘s scary, I know, so here are some quick recommendations for other shows to completely lose yourselves in for the next 20 years

It ‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Courtesy of IMDb/FX

I ‘m starting you off nice and easy, here ‘s another well-loved show that starts off a year after Friends ended. It ‘s kinda like Friends if the characters were dicks and incapable of personal growth. Plus Danny deVito!


This show is in its infancy as there are only two seasons so far, which sucks because MAN is this a perfect series to binge. It ‘s got it all – family drama, romance, betrayal, laughs, tears, and it shines a light on what life is, or can be, like for people on the spectrum. ‘

The Good Place

Another show that doesn ‘t have many seasons yet and is SO worth getting hooked on. The Good Place features all the fun of your standard sitcom – but in the afterlife. It ‘s funny, imaginative, and is full of twists and turns.

New Girl

Courtesy of IMDb and Fox

This show was a huge hit when it first aired, but the hype died pretty quickly as it only ran for 6 seasons. If you ‘ve already seen it, it ‘s DEFINITELY worth revisiting. If you haven ‘t, you ‘re in for a good time. New Girl has the same young-adults-who-could-never-actually-afford-that-apartment vibe that Friends had, and is full of quirky charm and a lot of impressive improv.

The Office


Please also let this show go.

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