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The Real Monopoly For Millennials

Everyone remembers the iconic board game Monopoly and how it would tear families and even friendships apart, but finally there is a new edition for the current generation. For years now, Hasbro has been releasing theme editions of it ‘s consumerism training tool, but finally they have noticed that the rules of Monopoly don ‘t really reflect the modern world.

Introducing “Monopoly For Millenials, ‘ a game that contains all the surface detail of your traditional Monopoly board game, but with rules that reflect a world that keeps the younger generation free of the burdens of property ownership and fairness in society. Welcome to the future!

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And if your interested in the REAL version of this game released by Hasbro, you can check it out here and enjoy collecting experiences over money!

Ben Pope
Catherine Brinkworth
Huge Davies
Lee Griffiths
Olga Koch
Scott Limbrick.

Produced by:
Cal King.

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