By: Sloane Hughes

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This Fan-Made Shrek Movie Is Friggin WILD

Everyone is familiar with Shrek.

The 2001 DreamWorks hit featuring Mike Myers as the eponymous Scottish ogre who, through the course of the film, became the unconventional hero alongside his noble Donkey (Eddie Murphy), captured our hearts and defined the early 2000 ‘s. Its huge box office success came as a massive shock to DreamWorks, who considered it the ugly sibling of The Prince of Egypt, which was in production at the same time*. It ‘s a franchise that remains as relevant and influential now as when it was first released, so homages and artistic interpretations are pretty much a guarantee.

But I ‘ll tell you right now, folks, this is something else.

This crowdsourced remake, called Shrek Retold, features the work of over 200 animators, artists, and filmmakers, who each remade a particular scene of the movie based on their own artistic interpretation. And, as so many things do these days, it all started with a tweet.

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