By: Sloane Hughes

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PETA Makes Profoundly Dumb Statement, Shocks No One

On Tuesday, the non-profit organization PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals but in reality should stand for People who are Exceptionally Terrible Always, did exactly what we ‘ve all come to expect from them and spewed more utterly ridiculous bullshit that accomplishes absolutely nothing into the universe in the name of animal rights.

Because of-fucking-course they did.

I ‘ll give credit where credit is due, though, so I will acknowledge that through their efforts, they have managed to bring people from all sorts of ideologies together. Omnivorous, vegan, pescatarian, we are all united by one thing.

We all fucking hate PETA.

The hill the organization is choosing to die on this time is particularly batshit crazy, and I can ‘t decide if it ‘s more hilarious or infuriating, so let ‘s say it ‘s an even 50/50 split. According to PETA, anti-animal language such as “kill two birds with one stone ‘ is the next cause to take up in the fight for animal rights.

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