By: JC Coccoli

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STEELing A Better World In Pittsburgh ‘with JC Coccoli

Comedian JC Coccoli makes a special trip home with ‘The New American Road Trip ‘ to a town that was once and will always be revolutionary. Whether we ‘re talking about its role in the revolutionary war, it ‘s role in industrializing the nation, or it ‘s drastic shift towards an environmentally sustainable future from it ‘s steel industry roots, the city of Pittsburgh is a shining example of industrial America moving in a cleaner direction.

This week the road trip ‘s Spirit Animal JC is making a pit stop in her home town and it ‘s not just to catch a Steelers game. Together with her family and the city mayor, Bill Peduto, JC explores how Pittsburgh went from a town reliant on the Coal and Natural Gas industry, to one that is rapidly exploring renewable energies. With hopes to make the entire city reliant on clean energy, will Pennsylvania once again lead a revolution that could inspire a nation?

Don ‘t miss our final comedy pit stop next week!

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