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Sanitation Workers Tell Us The Best Garbage They Ever Found

The humble sanitation worker is a staple of the developed world, transporting those things we no longer want from one place to another. But what happens to all this so called “Garbage ‘ that we humans are simply throwing away? Does it just end up in a giant pit or on a barge floating unwanted at sea?

The team from Turbo Gulp have taken it upon themselves to answer this little mystery with their interviews of Sanitation Workers; their ultimate goal to discover what treasures these thankless public servants have found that people have simply discarded without thought.

It begs the question, just what wonders would you find if you left your elitest bubble and went wading through your own trash? The answer would most likely surprise you!

Brie Watson
Luke Lynndale
Keenan Mak
Jess Bryson

Turbo Gulp is Cameron Wyllie and Carson Pinch

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