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If Pikachu Was A True Detective

In a world where all franchises are getting a dark and gritty reboot, it was only time before everyone ‘s favorite electric rodent, Pikachu, went all D.C. Universe on us. But is a foul mouthed Pok ‘mon capable of being a True Detective?

Detective Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) never wanted a partner, but when his father goes missing in Ryme city, a mouthy Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) with a crime solving complex might just be his only hope.

Film Details:
Title: Chu Detective
Starring: Ryan Reynolds (Acting Level: Electric), ‘Matthew McConaughey (Acting Level: Confusing and Pseudo Philosophical)
Rating: TV-MA (Contains; Coarse Language, Mythical Creatures, and Bad Philosophy that one friend you have thinks makes them sound really really smart)
Review: 4/5 Dark Pok ‘balls
Release Date: May 2019 (Possibly already available in Japan with considerably more sex)

You can watch the original trailer for the upcoming film “Detective Pikachu ‘ here and “True Detective ‘ season 1 is available to stream now on HBO NOW and HBO GO.

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Writer/Editor: ‘Charles Muzard
Writer/Editor: ‘Ryan Coopersmith
Executive Producer: ‘Chris Michael

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