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If ‘The Daily Bugle ‘ From Spider-Man Was A Real Paper

Considering it ‘s a fictional universe where being bitten by a radioactive spider means superpowers and turning into a vigilante hero instead of a trip to the hospital, nobody ‘s really worried about how realistic things are. But c ‘mon, I ‘m pretty sure we ‘ve all wondered how The Daily Bugle stays afloat when its entire business model is literally based around the boss ‘s wild obsession with Spider-Man… it raises a lot of questions. Mostly, how the hell is no one trying to keep J. Jonah Jameson in check??? And who still reads newspapers???

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Kevin Froleiks
Joe Pardavila
Jonathan Greaser

Myles Hewette

Ryan Stanisz

Ryan Stanisz
Myles Hewette

Eric Mangin

Austin Mulhern

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