By: JC Coccoli

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Cars Vs New York City with Negin Farsad

Comedian JC Coccoli arrives at the final stop of ‘The New American Road Trip ‘ and what city is better to end the trip than one famous for being on the cutting edge of everything? We are of course talking about the big apple, the city that never sleeps, the melting pot that is New York City.

This week the road trip ‘s designated driver JC meets up with social justice comedian Negin Farsad to talk about New York ‘s biggest enemy in the fight for a clean future. Private Cars.

Despite being well known for its variety of public transport transport and clean energy alternatives, New York is still completely congested by cars, and if the traffic wasn ‘t enough to kill you, the pollution they cause surely will. But can New York let go of its need of cars and embrace the cleaner public transport options the rest of the country envies?

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