By: Taffy Davenport

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This Instagram Account Only Posts Selena Quintanilla Memes And I ‘m Screaming

If you ‘re like me, then you believe that Selena Quintanilla was one of the best performers of all time. Even 23 years after her death (holy shit…23 years), I still think about her constantly.

The day that Selena died was one of the worst days of my life: I got home from my first day at a new middle school where I had 0 friends, to discover that I had gotten my period for the first time AND that Selena had passed away. I immediately locked myself in my room, logged onto AOL, printed out highly pixelated photos of Selena to fill my see-through binder with, and listened to a bootleg CD of Amor Prohibido while I cried.

With time, I ate up any new Selena related thing to come out: the movie starring J Lo, her live album and the MAC Cosmetics line dedicated to her. So when I discovered that there was an Instagram page that ONLY POSTED SELENA MEMES, I followed them so fast that my finger caught on fire.

Here are some of my favorites!

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