By: Sloane Hughes

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Things My Coworker Says As Motivational Posters

You know how people will take a profound quote from Stephen Hawking and lay it over top of a photo of the night sky? Or an ancient proverb like, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ‘ in a pretty font on a picture of a winding forest path? You know, those posters you see all over your dentist ‘s waiting room and the HR office at your work?

This is… kind of like that.

Except instead of pulling inspirational quotes from scholars or philosophers or Oprah or other sage figures throughout history, I ‘ve been compiling a list of things my wonderful coworker, Tamara Yajia, says throughout a regular work day. And then providing absolutely zero context behind each quote, I ‘ve been turning them into a collection of truly, truly thought provoking motivational-style posters.

Enjoy, ponder, maybe even print one out and put it above the water cooler so that others may gaze upon them and reflect.

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