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Oh, Hello Oscars!

After Kevin Hart decided to bow out of hosting this year ‘s Academy Awards (which he didn ‘t have to do, he could have just apologized for the homophobic statements which caused the backlash but hey, what do I know), the position has yet to be filled and everyone ‘s got a suggestion as to who should replace him. Not just anyone could do it, though. Getting to host the Oscars is a job that only goes to the most esteemed and revered entertainers, only people in the top tier, the A-listers, the cream of the crop.

And who would be better for such a grand, monumental task than George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon (charmed I ‘m sure)

If you ‘re not familiar with these New York bachelors already, you clearly have no love for the arts. Gil Faizon (charmed I ‘m sure) has appeared all over television as a stand-in for a bowl of mashed potatoes, and George St. Geegland is a former short story professor at SUNY Yonkers and playwright. Together they wrote and starred in Oh, Hello on Broadway, as well as the hit prank show Too Much Tuna.

“Oh, Hello on Broadway” with Special Guest Stephen Colbert

They have the fame, the stage experience, and the hints of racism that would make them the perfect fit for the Academy Awards. And apparently they already got an offer.

The Academy themselves have been pretty quiet about this, neither confirming nor denying the statement made by Geegland and Faizon. Although the pair has released promotional images on their own, there ‘s been some criticism from other entertainers in the business.

Despite the skepticism from celebrities and fans alike, George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon (charmed I ‘m sure) haven ‘t backed down in the slightest.

We can only assume that these claims are 100% true, but if for some crazy reason the Academy hasn ‘t actually asked them to host this year ‘s award ceremony, they absolutely should.

You can watch a recording of one Oh Hello on Broadway performance on Netflix, here

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