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Parrot Gets Bored And Shops Online

As humans we tend to think that there ‘s a lot that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, but in Berkshire, UK, an African grey parrot named Rocco is a reminder that we really aren ‘t so different.

Rocco was living in the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary but was adopted by an employee there, Marion Wischnewski, after continually throwing around his water dish and swearing. Which is basically the bird equivalent of throwing a “I can ‘t live under these conditions! ‘ tantrum and demanding to speak to management. And it worked, because hey, he now lives in a new, spacious home with Marion and his new best buddy – Alexa.

Courtesy of The Times

Look at that side eye – he ‘s gonna max out your credit card for SURE

Using her voice activated command functions, Rocco has been caught trying to order everything from strawberries to ice cream to lightbulbs for whatever reason, but I kinda get it, once you have access to that kind of power it ‘s hard not to order everything that pops into your brain.
Unfortunately for Rocco, due to the parental locks, he hasn ‘t actually been able to have any of his would-be purchases delivered, but that hasn ‘t stopped him from trying. I admire your tenacity, little guy.

In an interview with the UK ‘s Times, Marion has even said she ‘s come home to him demanding that Alexa tell him jokes or play his favorite music. Which, honestly, is all very understandable, because this is exactly how I spend my Saturdays when I ‘m bored – excessive online shopping for things I probably don ‘t need, and pestering the fuck out of Alexa. AND we ‘ve even got the same taste, apparently.

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