By: Sloane Hughes

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SNL Brings Holiday Cheer to Weezer; Trump ‘s Reaction Was Grinchy As Ever

We ‘re now halfway through December and this weekend ‘s SNL was fittingly festive.

Matt Damon gave strong performances alongside the rest of the SNL cast and returning special guests such as Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller for a holiday episode that made us feel as warm and giggly as cup of mulled wine. However, what would Christmas be without a Scrooge?

To the surprise of absolutely NO ONE, Trump lost his shit on Sunday morning following the previous night ‘s episode. In particular, regarding the sketch called “It ‘s A Wonderful Trump ‘, which explores what the world would look like if Donald Trump had never been elected president through a lens that is black, white, and hilarious all over.

As they begin their walk through this alternative facts universe, Trump (played as always by Alec Baldwin) wonders, “what are those things on their faces? ‘

To which Kenan Thompson replied, “those are called smiles. ‘

The sketch delivered some of the finest performances from Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller, Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen, and Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh, in this alternate timeline that made us laugh as much as it made us sigh and say, “if only. ‘

Trump ‘s reaction, of course, was a 280-character long “ba hum bug ‘

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