By: Matty Smith

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The Coming Fog

When their manager Tommy (John Salley) organizes a surprise fumigation of the house, Team Sorcerer is forced out into the real world for a day. But where the team sees a day without their laptops, Greg (Jason Ritter) sees a team-bonding opportunity and takes the team out to experience a non computer based lifestyle for a day. Meanwhile the teams alternate “Alt Trash ‘ is left behind and embarks on his own journey of self-discovery.

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Directed by: Matty Smith & Andy Maxwell
Written by: Matty Smith & Nick Wiger

Executive Producers: Mike Farah, Joe Farrell, Joe Hardesty, Rowan Wheeler, Matty Smith, Nick Wiger
Produced by: TeNeil Moore French
Co-Producers: Kate Lilly & Elizabeth Baquet
Coordinating Producer: Nick Sala

Jason Ritter
Carrie Wampler
John Salley
Keye Chen
Carlos Knight
Justin Lee
EJ Joseph
Ilia Constantine

Guest Starring:
Jim O ‘Heir
Alison Haislip
David “Phreak ‘ Turley
Meghann Murphy
Hayley Marie Norman
Allan McLeod
Suzi Barrett
Julie Brister
Bill Kottkamp

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