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Terry Crews Painting A Tree Is The Only Thing That Matters This Christmas

It ‘s not always easy to get into the holiday spirit, and some years are harder than others. Years when, for example, the government is a sneeze away from shutting down, the planet is warming at such a staggering rate that we ‘ve only got about a decade before shit starts to look like Mad Max, and everything is just generally a total disaster. Listen, I love the holidays, I ‘ll literally wear tinsel, I will crush up a candy cane and fuckin ‘ snort it, but even I have had a really tough time busting out of the “bah hum bug ‘ mentality.

I ‘ll be honest with you, I didn ‘t start feeling festive until a few days ago, when something amazing happened. Something that finally made my Grinchy heart grow three sizes.

Terry Crews painted a Christmas tree.

In a cozy living room adorned with decorations, a sparkling tree in the background, a crackling fire in the hearth with stockings hung above, sat Terry Crews with a brush, a palette, and a canvas. The actor-comedian-activist-former NFL star is a physically imposing figure, but the only thing greater than his 6 ‘3 stature is the warmth and kindness this man exudes. He is a goddamn gift. And, as you ‘ll see, he ‘s a talented artist too – he doesn ‘t just play one on TV!

Channeling the same energy as the late king of happy little trees himself, Bob Ross, Terry Crews painted a snowy winter ‘s night and a Christmas tree so perfect Santa himself would shed a tear, while smooth holiday jazz played in the background.

It was, in a word, magical.

I ‘ve watched it seven times. It ‘s bookmarked in my browser. I ‘ve sent it to my whole family.

Honestly I wouldn ‘t be surprised if this 45 minute long video is what finally achieves peace on earth, and if there ‘s anything that will lift your spirits and make you believe in the power of Christmas again, this is it folks.

(Side note: Terry Crews, if you ‘re reading this, please adopt me)

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