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These TV Doctors Don ‘t Exactly Put The “Heal ‘ In “Healthcare ‘

Doctor Handsome Older Guy is one of Realistic Lastname Park Memorial Hospital ‘s best doctors. Charming and arrogant, Dr. Rugged Goodlooks likes to take an unconventional approach whenever possible. The only problem? He ‘s just not a very good doctor.

From the same group think that brought you The Good Doctor, The Mob Doctor, Chicago Doctors, E.R. Doctors, Night Doctors, and House Doctors, comes an exciting new show that ‘s as messed up as the American healthcare system: Very Bad Doctors. Could Doctor BDE With The Right Kind of Crow ‘s Feet ‘s approach lead himself, his staff, and especially his patients to see the light (the bad kind, because it ‘s the afterlife)? Spoiler alert: ‘,’ ‘`’ ‘,’ ‘ ‘ ‘,’ ‘`’ ‘, ‘


The best medical shows somehow strike a balance between the reality of what happens in the halls of our finest medical institutions and the dramatic demands of televised storytelling. Usually be having lots of in-your-face, close-talking interpersonal conflict, preachy philosophizing, unbelievable sexual tension, and just a teensy weensy sprinkle of actual medical work.

Because medicine is actually hard, difficult, often mind-numbingly boring, often absolutely heart-wrenching, and worst of all, science-y and stuff. Like with bodies and whatnot.

So while we ‘ve seen damn-near every kind of noble doctor, brilliant-but-cantankerous doctor, dreamy doctor, etc., we ‘re very happy to finally just see some Really Bad Doctors for a change.

And hey, if you love Chicago, and you love fire, you probably love the show Chicago Fire. Same thing goes for other civic entities in the Windy City that were also turned into shows like Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice (all of these are real). But you still crave more ChiTown depictions of public service, check out Funny Or Die ‘s Chicago Sanitation. Live the drama, feel the passion. Pick up the garbage.

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