By: Sloane Hughes

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‘Hamberder ‘ Replaces ‘Covfefe ‘ As The Dumbest Word In The Trump Lexicon

Clemson University ‘s national champion football team, the Tigers, were invited over to the White House for a feast on Monday, but the administration ran into a bit of a problem when they realized

“Wait a second. The White House kitchen is closed because

we fucking shut down the government ‘

But that ‘s fine, no bigs, Trump had a solution. Why not treat these nationally ranked athletes to a cornucopia of fast food, the likes of which 17-year-old stoners could only dream of.

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Trump ‘s a thinker, that ‘s why he gets paid the big bucks.

In a video shared on twitter, Trump is seen proudly showing off his army of 300 burgers while moving like a goddamn animatronic figure someone just sprung from a 1960 ‘s Disney musical ride.

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