By: Sloane Hughes

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‘Africa ‘ By Toto Will Loop Forever In The Middle Of The Desert

The Namib desert in the southern region of Africa is harsh, beautiful, and ancient. This desert, the oldest in the world, has existed for over 40 million years, and for 2 million of those, its vast sand seas have remained completely unchanged.

So it ‘s about time for an upgrade, don ‘t you think? It ‘s looking a little sparse.

But the question is, what could possibly even come close to the majesty of the Namib desert? What even deserves to occupy such a grand, awe-inspiring space on this earth?

Not many things, nay – only ONE thing.

Africa by Toto

Thanks to Namibian-German artist, Max Siedentopf, the splendor of the Namib desert is now accompanied by the quintessential smooth jazz-rock fusion of our time.

His art installation, titled “Toto Forever ‘, is comprised of six white pillars surrounding one slightly larger pillar in the center. An MP3 player is fastened to the tall pillar in the middle, which then connects to the six outward-facing speakers that sit atop each of the other pillars, so that the sounds of “Africa ‘ may be carried in every direction across Africa. And that ‘s not all.

Thanks to the extremely durable materials used to create the installation and the solar powered electronics, the song is going to keep playing on loop for the rest of days. Surely future civilizations will marvel at this the way we marveled at the Great Pyramids.

Nothing is eternal – except for “Africa ‘ by Toto.

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