By: Sloane Hughes

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Angry Man Throws Razor In The Toilet – Destroys Gillette And All Liberals Everywhere

Earlier this week, the well known razor brand Gillette released a commercial with a very simple message: sexual harassment is bad, bullying is bad, mansplaining is bad. Basically, Gillette spent about two minutes encouraging men to grow and be better people, and like, I dunno, just not be dicks. Seems like a good theme to embrace for the new year, right?

Well, a lot of very manly, manly men saw this ad as an attack on their very manly manliness – you know, the way reasonable and well adjusted people usually reject encouragement to become better.

One man in particular decided that the best way to show Gillette and the rest of the world that he doesn ‘t need to anything as dumb as improve as a human being was by throwing his Gillette razor in the toilet and tweeting about it.

What a power move.

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