By: Sloane Hughes

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‘Documentary Now! ‘ Season 3 Promo Features All-Star Cast

Back in 2016, comedy powerhouses and Saturday Night Live veterans Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, and Bill Hader gifted Documentary Now! to the world. Hosted by Helen Mirren, each episode of this next-level parody series features a different story and emulates a different documentary style.

And now, after two successful seasons, they ‘re coming back with a whole new collection of stories to tell and documentaries to spoof!

The trailer for season 3 – erm, I mean, season 52 – was released earlier today, and although Bill Hader didn ‘t make an appearance, (he ‘s currently got his hands full with his HBO series, Barry) the roster of guest stars joining this season is IMPRESSIVE. The teasingly brief trailer gives us glimpses of Owen Wilson and Michael Keaton in a parody of cult-crime investigations, Cate Blanchett taking on the role of Marina Abramovic for a spoof of The Artist is Present, and an imitation of the 1970 ‘s documentary Original Cast Album: Company featuring John Mulaney.

Other guest stars include Natasha Lyonne, Richard Kind, Michael C. Hall, and more. Season 3 will premiere on IFC on February 20 at 11pm, and while you ‘re waiting, you can stream the first two seasons on Netflix!

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