By: Sloane Hughes

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‘The Golden Girls ‘ Hot Sauces Are Hilariously Perfect

Do you have someone you ‘d like to thank for being a good friend? Someone who ‘s traveled down a road and back again? Perhaps you ‘re planning a feast out on the lanai? Well, here ‘s just the thing to give it an extra special oomph.

The Golden Girls now have their own signature hot sauces.

Known for their incredible zip on screen, it makes total sense that everybody ‘s favorite Miami ladies would inspire a line of fiery sauces. Two of the sauces are jalape ‘o-based while the other two are habanero-based, and the names, of course, are hilarious – and so on point.

Bea Spicy and Desert Rose

The sauces dedicated to Dorothy and Rose are jalape ‘o-based and are advertised as having a lower spice level out of the four

Courtesy of Always Fits
Courtesy of Always Fits

Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut

As you could probably tell by the ever-so-slightly spicier names, Sophia and Blanche ‘s hot sauces are habanero-based and have, erm, MUCH MORE KICK

They ‘re available individually, but come on, who in their right mind would separate The Golden Girls?! The whole set is sold for $36.00 – do the right thing, get ’em all.

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