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Man Wins Whopping $1 Prize But Gets A Giant Check Anyway

For the average person, a stroke of luck doesn ‘t often result in something huge or amazing. Most of the time being lucky that means you didn ‘t hit a single red light on your way to work, or you put a bunch of socks into the dryer and somehow all of them came back out (seriously – where the fuck do all those socks go?)

Usually after a moment of good luck, the most anyone does is utter a quiet “oh hell yeah ‘ or text their mom – especially if it is, in fact, sock related. But is that enough? Doesn ‘t the average person deserve to fully revel in the small things every now and then?

Well, one man certainly thinks so.

Tyler Heep of Urbandale, Iowa, played a scratch-and-win ticket with a winning prize of one whole dollar. And although I ‘m pretty sure those tickets cost at least $2 themselves, the humble value of this award wasn ‘t about to stop Heep from getting the full lottery winner experience.

When he went into the lottery headquarters to receive his single dollar, he asked that it be paid to him by check – specifically, by giant novelty check.

And they actually did it.

Courtesy of Tyler Heep via Facebook

Not only did Heep actually receive the same giant-ass-check that grand prize, million-dollar winners are presented – which says STINKING RICH on the bottom and is arguably the best part of this whole thing – but he even got a photoshoot and has picked up international news coverage.

And honestly? Hell yeah dude.

This is beyond extra, and it ‘s awesome. We should all take a page out of his book and start celebrating the little things. So y ‘know what? Next time you find $5 in a pair of jeans, tell your roommate about it with a giant banner. Get a cake. Go nuts. Most of us aren ‘t going to win the lotto jackpot, but I think we all deserve our own figurative novelty check from time to time.

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