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This Spring Collection Confirms Once Again That Fashion Is Wack

Okay, let me start off by saying I don ‘t get fashion.

Like, on a scale of one to Vogue, my grasp of haute couture is on par with Anne Hathaway at the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada. In other words, it ‘s not great.

So whenever I scroll by a fashion show recap I usually think, “that ‘s weird ‘ and carry on with my life. Today, however, I stumbled upon the lookbook for Viktor & Rolf ‘s spring collection. People in the industry say that fashion, like any form of art, should evoke emotion… I don ‘t know if it really counts as an emotion but this certainly evoked something in me. The best way to describe how I felt while looking through these photos is probably,


what the fuck? ‘

courtesy of Vogue/Alessandro Viero/

So the first look in this collection (which I just want to remind everyone is for spring, not that it makes more sense to wear these in the winter but it ‘s worth keeping in mind) is weird, but it ‘s like, standard high fashion weird, right? The dress is pretty far out there, there ‘s an artsy ironic message, but it ‘s not crazy.

Oh, but friends, they get crazy

courtesy of Vogue/Alessandro Viero/

I don ‘t know if designers give their pieces names but I have decided to dub this one “Bobo The Clown Goes To The Skatepark ‘ – all the fun of the circus, now with angst!

Hear me out, but this next one actually appeals to a pretty wide range of people I think.

courtesy of Vogue/Alessandro Viero/

This could potentially serve a variety of purposes, like, for anyone who just backpacked through Europe and wants to let everyone know “this is my whole identity now, I am not going to shut up about this trip for years, so get ready ‘, or for undercover cops hanging around beaches who want a look that says “I ‘m definitely not a cop ‘

You ‘re probably thinking,

“but what about me? What about an outfit for the average, everyday all-American? ‘

Don ‘t worry, Viktor & Rolf have got you covered.

I ‘m calling this one “The Tulle Tool ‘

This one is probably my favorite though, for a couple of reasons. First, it sends a message that I really identify with. Truthfully this is how I feel on any given day, so I really connected with this piece.

courtesy of Vogue/Alessandro Viero/

And funnily enough, it ‘s also how I feel about this entire collection as a whole. Very meta.

You can check out the entire collection here, if you really want to

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